Meet Katharine Carroll Vice President, Silicon Valley Pacific Union Real Estate

Q: What is your role as Vice President at Pacific Union?
My role as Vice President is primarily focused on leading and growing out new Palo Alto office. We are building on the success of our company across the Bay Area over the last 40 years, and hope to increase our presence in Silicon Valley after launching successful offices in Menlo Park and Burlingame.

Q: What did you do prior to being in the Real Estate business?
KC: Prior to practicing real estate, I was a professional cyclist.  I raced for a number of teams domestically and with the US National Team in Europe from 2005-2010.  I settled on the peninsula in part because the fantastic roads and terrain to ride, and was fortunate to develop a great network of friends and cyclists.

Q: Can you tell us what it the latest in technology in the Real Estate industry?
KC: We all know that people are browsing for homes online; there have been a number of new hardware and software tools that help create realistic representations of homes for people to view remotely in a more immersive way. I think virtual reality technology will continue to improve and provide great access to buyers in remote locations.  While I think some of the gadgets are fun, some of the most interesting technological developments will come around how a transaction is handled from start to finish in a secure way.

Q: What changes do you see in Real Estate for Silicon Valley?
KC: As strong as our market has been since 2011, I believe we will see a slowing in appreciation.  This by no means the brakes are slamming on our market, but the days of double digit appreciation have passed. Explosive job growth has driven such strong demand coming out of our last recession. While this won't stop, the rate of adding new jobs is likely to slow in the next year or two. This flattening will create an even more competitive real estate market for agents.

Q: What’s a typical day like for you?
KC: I have an 11-month-old daughter so the bookends on my work day are time with her. It's a fantastic way to start and end every day, with love, wonder and cuddles! I love my job because no day is the same – on any give day I meet with my agents in support of their business, put out fires, tour houses to stay on top of our market, and meet with members of our community. If I can fit a bike ride or hike in, then I consider myself even more lucky!

Q: Where is your favorite vacation spot?
KC: I love any time spent in Italy – la dolce vita is the life for me!

Q: What’s your favorite restaurant?
KC: Ever since I moved to Menlo Park, Flea St. Café has been an absolute favorite.  From the family feel of the staff, their fabulous and creative bar tender, and the food – it's hard to find a better meal. It really is California Cuisine at its finest. The owner has become a great friend and mentor to me – one day I'll make short ribs as good as theirs!

Q: What are some of your favorite interests and hobbies that you enjoy?
KC: I love cooking and love finding fresh ingredients from our amazing year-round farmer's markets.  Making food for other people feeds my soul, so I spend a lot of time in my kitchen making food for my friends and family.

Q: If you could give a 16-year-old advice what would it be?
KC: Enjoy the ride


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