When there is No Substitute for Experience & Knowledge of Legal Strategies, Meet Family Law Attorney, Sue Saign

7677cd852aeafc10d901e31a38c9ab20.jpgQ: Why did you choose to become a lawyer?
I did not intend to become a lawyer. It just sort of happened. I was a single mother raising my one-year-old son and I needed some future for myself and my son. I had a four-year degree and thought to myself, “If I go back to school, I need a degree that can give me a career.” I didn’t know of many post-grad programs that lead to a definite career, so I thought …. Doctor? Lawyer? I hate blood. I’ll try law school. Once I started law school, I absolutely loved it.

Q: With many choices, why did you decide to practice Family Law?
I love families. I love children. Family law just sort of came to me. It’s the cases that started coming to my door. It is interesting. There are so many issues in a family law case, whether it’s contract interpretation, criminal overlap issues, probate issues, tax law, etc. There is never a dull day in the family law practice. 

Q: What type of cases do you generally handle? 

SS: I really enjoy custody cases and domestic violence cases. These have such a human element to them. I feel like I can help people doing this type of work. Custody is near and dear to my heart because I am a mom so it’s just natural for me. I can relate to the issues, but I can also help people objectively by proposing solutions if they are willing to see them.

Q: What is your approach or philosophy to winning or representing a case?
I try my best to do my best at each moment in the case. I am responsive and dedicated. I get things finalized quickly so that people can move on with their lives.

Q: What percentage of your cases settle out of court?
Probably about 85%.

Q: What advice would you give to young women who want to pursue a career as an Attorney? 
You can do it. Just take it one step at a time. It seems overwhelming at times, but slow and steady wins the race. 

Q: Can you tell our audience one of your most memorable moments of your career?
Graduating from law school is a day that I will never forget. The accomplishment - to have finished something so daunting and, at times, overwhelming- it was extreme. I also remember the day I got my bar results. I received a standing ovation from a group of my friends. They were all so proud of me and I couldn’t believe it. It was such a feeling of accomplishment and relief.

Q: What’s one lesson you’ve learned in your career that you can share with our audience?
I have learned to just focus on what is in front of me for today and do the best I can. That is a big enough task in itself.

Q: What are some of the challenges you feel women face today?
My biggest challenge is trying to balance life, work, love, and self-care. I have 3 small children- an 11-year-old, a 2-year-old and a 10-month-old. I want to spend time with them but managing a law firm can be so demanding. I have a lot of support in my life - my husband, my mother in law, my mother, my spiritual advisors. I am truly blessed, but I have to constantly stay aware to make sure that I am setting boundaries with my time. Sometimes I do well with it, and sometimes I get too focused on work. It is a constant struggle. Trying to be aware in each moment and give your all in each moment is the best solution that I have found. I’m still not that good at it but working towards it and being kind to myself. Making sure to give myself praise for the good things and not just criticize the shortcomings.

Five Things About Attorney Sue Saign

1. If you could talk to one famous person past or present, who would it be and why? 
E-40 because I have found him to be inspirational. I would tell him that his music and message has given me hope and energy to carry on when things seemed difficult. E-40 came from nothing and achieved great success. He uses his platform to try and help others and I respect that immensely. 

2. Favorite food to eat? 
Chips and salsa

3. What simple pleasure makes you happy? 
Looking at the sky and seeing beautiful clouds or a sunrise. I love watching my children play, seeing their little personalities with one another.

4. What app can’t you live without?
I’m not really an app person. 

5. Which season is your favorite? 
I love all the seasons. I can’t pick. Summer has long days and warmth, which I love. Fall is beautiful and has all of my favorite holidays. Spring has so much hope in it and I love watching everything blossom.


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