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Promoting Professional & Leader..

Promoting Professional & Leadership Development of Latinas, Patricia Diaz, Executive Director of the Chicana Latina Nonprofit Foundation

Q: How did you get involved in the nonprofit sector?PD: I wanted to make a difference and give back to the community and felt the nonprofit sector was aligned with my values. I started off my career providing direct services in education to migrant children and immigrant families in the Salinas and Pajaro Valleys...

Managing the Creative Process … A C..

Managing the Creative Process … A Conversation with Meredith King Managing Artistic Director for Northside Theatre Company

Q: Can you share with us your duties as Managing Artistic Director for Northside Theatre?MK: My responsibilities as Managing Artistic Director for Northside Theatre is to be the vision holder for the company. I make sure we stay true to our mission statement, which is to provide professional-quality theatre at a r..


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A Conversation with Jona Denz-Hamil..

A Conversation with Jona Denz-Hamilton, 94.5 Bay FM Midday Air Personality

Q: When you were in high school, did you know you wanted to go into Radio Broadcasting as a career?JDH: I was fascinated with communication since I was a little tyke. My electrical engineer dad was always building some kind of magical radio-type device. By high school, I was in love with my guitar playing and listening to LOTS of FM radio. I started actually doing radio in college--a bit of fun th..

Meet Celeste Perry, Host KOFY TV &a..

Meet Celeste Perry, Host KOFY TV & DJ 98.5 FM KFOX

Q: What was it like moving to the Bay Area from Honolulu?CP: I came to a different kind of paradise in San Francisco. While I love the beaches, the landscape and aloha spirit of the Islands, I wanted to try my luck in a major radio market. San Francisco was the perfect spot for me, and like Hawaii, the cost of living in San Francisco was high, so it immediately felt like home. 
Q: How did you get ..

Meet Maria Medina, News Anchor at 

Meet Maria Medina, News Anchor at 

Q: How did your career start as news anchor?
MM: I actually started delivering the news when I was in eighth grade! I love saying that. My first job was delivering newspapers … I actually wanted to be a newspaper reporter. But then a TV station had me on its morning show when I was in my last year of college and the anchors told me I should try TV news and offered me an internship … I was hooked. ..


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Meet Maria Pappas, Vice President o..

Meet Maria Pappas, Vice President of Development at The Tech Museum

Q: Tell us about your time working with the American Heart Association?MP: The AHA was a great training ground. I had an incredible experience and learned so much while I was there. My first two years were in the LA office, then I came back to the Bay Area where I was originally from. After about 6 years, I was promoted to Executive Director here in Silicon Valley. Then I had my first child and ma..

Meet Candace Hirleman Archer, Vice ..

Meet Candace Hirleman Archer, Vice President, Audience Development at Disney ABC Television Group, ABC7 KGO-TV

Q: Tell us about your position as Vice President of Audience Development at ABC7?CH: My job is about creating a relationship with audiences. Like any good relationship … sure, we want you to like us, but what we really need is your loyalty. I have the privilege of leading an amazing team of creative producers, marketers, and designers as we develop and share ABC7’s brand story. Our team’s purpose ..

Meet Lauren Bensinger, President, W..

Meet Lauren Bensinger, President, Women’s Council of Realtors San Francisco

Q: Can you define your current position as President of the Women’s Council of Realtors, San Francisco?LB: As President of the San Francisco network, my role is to develop and support upcoming leaders in our industry. Leadership development comes from working with each board member, our members and strategic partners and helping them achieve their business goals. My role is to give members the opp..